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Making India to work. with this mantra we are partnering with several consultants and companies to cater best in class recruitment services for the job seekers. Recruiting in India as well as in foreign lands.

We Help Clients Solve Complex Business Problems

The ongoing boom in the eCommerce also makes the logistics companies in sky high profits and in increase in delivery locations. Partnering with the first and the biggest eCommerce only logistics company we thrive to grow ourselves high in the similar reign.

We Make Your Ideas Become True

Digital marketing is on the high rise and with partners we create an immersive and tailor made products for our clients who knows the quality of high standards. And with providing them best in class product we are one of the young but well versed company to work with.
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High quality Human Resource Services

We help build careers and manage enterprise goals by furthering and handling employment infrastructure of various sizes. By maintaining a cohesive provider-seeker system that will inexplicably skyrocket your company growth, our team of professionals will individually assist each client with their own virtue; and together work towards striving for the best within the specific enterprise premise. Our clientele network speaks for our self and by that, we mean it when we say that we are one of the most workforce management solutions.

Best in Class Digital Marketing

Our approach is based on the desire to satisfy each of our customers’ unique requirements on a simple, professional and timely founding. We believe that every website has the potential to create and manage successful marketing campaigns and generate revenue from qualified sales leads with a little effort and yes – targeted advertising.We understand the need to grow your business website and help you reach out to your target audience anywhere in the world. With our expertise in SEO, pay per click marketing, performance analytics, pay-per-click services and a ton of other marketing services, our team is equipped to guide you in converting potential visitors to your website into regular visitors with accurate leads.

On Point Delivery Services

The digital supply chain opportunity in India is expected to be larger than $100 billion in the next five years. Recognizing this opportunity, we are partner with India’s largest fulfillment company which enable us to cater all type of businesses and individuals. Our Partner’s Transport Management System promotes efficiency across all transportation modes. There customized solutions are designed to accelerate the deployment process while saving time and money. With reliable 24/7 monitoring services, customers gain immediate visibility and access to a network of 12,000+ pin-codes across 1200+ cities with over 1 million sq ft of infrastructure. We process over 10 million orders a month with 99%+ fidelity and fulfillment timelines between 30 minutes and 72 hours.
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We are one of India’s foremost enterprises when it comes to digital commerce, bringing a vast global reach driven by efficiency, pace and power with a highly customizable infrastructure to suite all your entire business operations. For us, the customer is indeed KING and we aim at safeguarding trust and enabling organizations to expand along our lines. Our services, be it of any kinds are all at your disposal with the prime concern being to advance our vision, which is 100% clientele satisfaction at lowest possible costs.
  • Vocal and efficient management of man-power consultancy
  • Well competent Two-way sequential progression
  • Solutions driven by far sight and efficiency
  • 24x7 support


Business Planning
Have a vision? Our consistently planned methodology helps work out solutions in a jiffy, with little or no downtime.

Solutions Analyst

Analytics Wing
Have a Problem? Don’t worry. Our comprehensive analytics wing helps seek any grievance so that your project stays within the constraints.


Effective Organization
Best use of services in the smartest way possible, all through us so complete transparency can be observed with no hassles whatsoever.


Support and Sell
An Efficient communication system set up with 24x7 Assistance and dedicated Live Chat and Email Support for all your queries.
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Create Flourishing Enterprises

Expect nothing but the best from Rising Edge, where the customer matters more than anything else. We offer complete support and control to the client and assist them in proceedings where our expertise lies in the best way possible.


Professional Consulting

Have us for any of your requirements, be it products, services, recruitment, manpower, anything!


Online Reputation

Our Cliental system speaks for ourselves. With 100’s of clients already working with us, we tend to stay true to the client aspirations with little or no way of agreeing to nothing but second best!


Market Research

Complete market analysis to study various trends in the system and so, making us stay updated within the game and a step ahead of the competitors.